Tuesday, January 11, 2011

who will you be?

sorry its so long haha :)
Nothing intellectual. inspirational. just realization i'd like to share.
i never truly realized how much i can influence someone until the past couple months.
(this isn't to be a pat on the back, im so great.. it really is just wanting everyone to realize how great they are.. and how much they can truly change someones life)
... story one.
My brother has a roomate who is an amazing guy, his name is eddie and has taken me in like a little sister. You never know who a person is just by looking at them.. i came to realize this when my brother told me about his life.
he had everything, he was married, had a child, a beautiful home, and owned his own landscaping business at the age of 23.. millionaire. things didn't work out and they got a divorce.. but instead of being on good terms.. the wife decided to ruin his life. took everything. he was left with a tv... he can't see his child again because the wife.. lied. to put it nicely. anyways. he tried to start over.. but has gone through a lot of depresion, gotten into drugs.. and was just at a low... started working at buckle.. met my brother.. and they became the best of friends. during thanksgiving time.. my brother said"mom would it be chill if i invited eddie" my mom said of course.. and she called to make sure he felt welcomed. on the phone he said "i want you to know how much this means to me" my mom was some what taken back because his voice was shaking... (he use to be a professional wrestler haha) my mom just said "of course, your like a son to us.." his reply was "jenae.. i haven't had a thanksgiving for the past four years. i have sat home by myself, because i have no family, and no one thought to invite me" of course my mom was in tears. he came.. and he felt like family.. and was so greatful for everything. we sit around the table and say three things we are greatful for.. when his eyes filled with tears and he said "i couldn't be more greatful for your hospitality and how much you have embraced me as your family. I haven't felt that in a really long time, and you have changed my life forever." haha im bawling. my moms bawling.. everyones bawling.
but it made me realize.
a simple.. invitation. that meant hardly anything to us because it was so simple changed someones life.
story two.
haha in my room i have inspire, create, dream, words im sure we all love around.. and throughout the past year or two free.the.bird has been my.. inspiration.. i guess. ha and i just saw my little sisters humanities folder where "free the bird!!" was written in huge letters, along with freedom, inspire, create, haha all these words.
You teach by example.
We all see a different outlook to the world, and individuals surrounding us are watching... We must be inspiration to everyone. Live in such a way you would not be ashamed. live to inspire. not to be famous or go down in history. but live to inspire those all around you, to make the world a better place. Who knows if we will be the next Ghandi... but make peace, and inspire all those that you can. who will you chose to be?


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  1. Beautiful! One person, one family, one small group of Indigo girls CAN and DO make a difference!!

    Someone wrote on my fb wall the other day, "treat everyone as if their heart is breaking" in response to my post, "People are fragile...even the toughest amongst us...be someone for whom others may share their vulnerabilities in safety and warmth and find a listening ear and an understanding heart in your presence." ~lf

    This is what you did for that boy at Thanksgiving...one small act of kindness can change the world.