Sunday, January 9, 2011

what's stopping you?

As human beings, we all have something in common;
we all get one life to live and one life only.
 Live it as the spiritual being you were meant to be;
 live it with love, courage and the thirst for unlimited possibilities.
The answer to the question of "what is stopping me" is not scientific, or complex, it is simple. 
It's you.
 The most valuable gift that you have is your life, so live life on your terms versus someone else's.
Be a person of a thousand dreams, but be more than that,
be a person of a thousand dreams that had the courage to take a step towards
making them reality.
Dare to take that step.
Rid of the doubt within you.
Don't look back on the past and wish things were different,
be greatful for the person you are now, because at one point what you did was what
you needed at that very second.
but do not live a life of regret.
you are you, and that is the greatest blessing you have.
What's stopping you?
nothing. because you can be more than that.
You ARE more than that.


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