Wednesday, June 27, 2012

don't tell me to not look back

because any normal human heart is going to look back.
how can't we?
how could you walk away from something that means so much to you, and walk away without looking back.
or maybe you don't even half to walk away.
maybe things have just changed.. they've just evolved to something different.
and even when it's not how it used to be; maybe even in a good way, you cannot help but think back to how it was once, who you once were, what once was your entire universe.
so i'm going to look back.
because today, i feel like it.
i'm going to look at the old pictures, read through the old texts, read the old letters and notes, remember the old sacred places we'd visit.. i'm re-opening this wound, and you know what? it feels damn good to go back to that place, atleast for now. maybe later it'll hurt. but for now, this is satisfying the need that I have to be back there, with you,where i was safe.
and i think that it's worth it.
-restless soul.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On the mend.

Why are we afraid to bleed?
Because it's a visual declaration to us that in some way, we have been hurt.
Something is not right.
Something is out of place, out of order.
We only see blood when something is wrong. 
Blood is a sign of pain, 
a sign of damage, 
an open wound; a hurt we are feeling.
What I've realized lately is that a scar, or a scab means the opposite; 
it means we are on the mend. 
Something is reforming.
Something is healing.
It is a declaration of transformation, and improvement.
Next time you wake up, to see that your face has broken out;
jump for joy; because what this means, is that
we are on the mend.
--Restless Soul.