Monday, January 24, 2011

discovering your "me-ish-ness"

I'm finding it less and less appealing to be around people just for the sake of being around people. I truly love spending time with myself and just being. Although I feel like I may be turning into somewhat recluse it feels so right. Actually, I think it's exactly what i need right now. Yes, having and spending time with friends and acquaintances is great and all but I think i'm really passing that period of my life where I crave constant external stimulation. Time to seriously take a seat in my soul and turn within for longer periods of time.


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  1. Take a seat in your Soul, beautiful sunshine and watch your amazing Self unfold!! The journey to Self may be one of the most difficult (or not) one you ever make, but the most worthwhile. You DO know what you need...and you DO trust yourself. This is a concept that I teach my 40 year old clients...if you can be alone and love you and embrace your totality, then and only then will you experience freedom. To learn this wisdom at such a young age is and will be very powerful for the rest of your life....thank-Source the Indigos have arrived!! I love you!!