Thursday, January 20, 2011

letting go.

Participated in a full moon ceremony last night.
it made such an amazing impact.
We wrote on a paper what we wanted to let go of,
those that wanted to went around the circle and read theirs,
those that didn't just threw it into the fire.
i wanted to let go of feeling the pressure of others to feel like i have to be someone else to fit in.
I want to let go of feeling like i have to be fake.
i am me. and that is who i am suppose to be.
and i threw it in the fire.
Then we learned about how saying "i am..." is saying "God in me is..." and by thinking this you will rid of negative thoughts.
you wouldn't want to say "I am the fattest, ugliest (teen girl things)" because thats not what you are.. and thats not what God is. Whether you believe in a God, or not a higher power is in you.. or you connect with and that is not what describes them.
Rather say "i feel..."
i found that it really does make a difference.
we spent the rest of the night chanting, and dancing, and i felt
If you ever have a chance to participate in one, do!
it is life changing. 


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