Friday, December 31, 2010

"Do you always look for solutions to enhance an outcome? Do you find yourself having faith in the process of your day knowing that all answers you seek will arrive in the perfect time? Do you believe that there are no problems only solutions to enhance outcomes¦then you may be a Possibilitarian.

Do you enjoy hanging out and being around uplifting people? Do you find that you like to listen to inspiring conversation or listen to inspiring CD's from your favorite mentors? Do you find yourself overjoyed and excited when someone else succeeds? Do you love working together to create abundance for everyone? Do you love to read inspiring books?...then you just may be a Possibilitarian.
Do you practice kindness to others knowing that if you share kindness it will bring about more kindness in the world? Do you practice becoming the most powerful you that you can be? Do you enjoy modeling your Possibilitarian lifestyle for others no matter where you are? Then you are more than just a Possibilitarian¦you are a light in the world."